Create a Happy Home With Custom Window Treatments

Did you know that color, shades, and light evoke different emotions with custom window treatments? If you know a few simple design tricks, you can make any space feel happier. Here are 4 design elements that will evoke a happy mood in your home.


Yellow is a very cheerful color. It brings a warm feel to a room. It’s the color of flowers, lemons, and sunshine, offering fresh appeal in each of its many variations. Use yellow accessories to create a happy mood in a room, or for a more dramatic shift in atmosphere, paint the walls and ceiling. but, be careful, picking the right yellow for the walls can be tricky.


The color red increases blood flow speeds up metabolism and boosts brain functioning. Add splashes of red in a room to improve a sluggish environment. I love red accents in just about any room. Custom pillows are a good way to start.


Curved shapes connote comfort and nurturing. You don’t want everything in a room to be circular (that could make you dizzy!), but you can cheer up space just by adding a few curves. Geometric patterns work great on bedding and custom drapes.


Natural sunlight is one of the best mood elevators there is. If your space feels gloomy, you will notice a lively boost by simply opening blinds and pulling back draperies. And while you’re at it the window, open it up and let some fresh air in!!

Just a few easy changes can make a big difference. Here’s to your happy home with your new custom window treatments!