Finding Sleep and Relaxation in Your Own Bedroom

How’s your sleep these days? Are you struggling to get a good night’s rest? There could be a lot of things affecting your sleep health, and we all know you can’t be healthy if you’re not getting good sleep. Some things you can do to find relaxation and healthy sleep are:

  • No midnight meals. Make sure your last meal is at least two hours before you go to bed so your body isn’t working on digestion when it should be resting.
  • Put down the wine glass. While alcohol may help you fall asleep, it will likely wake you up in a few hours.
  • Avoid the screens. Your phone gives off electromagnetic radiation, and the light can keep your system alert when you should be winding down.
  • Keep it comfy. Your core body temperature drops when you sleep, so try keeping your bedroom between 65 – 72 degrees.
  • Turn off the TV. While you may need the noise, TV stimulates the mind and makes it tough to get a deep sleep. Consider a white noise machine to help lull you to sleep.
  • Drop the Sriracha. Spicy foods can cause heartburn that will keep you awake. Foods like bacon, cheese, and nuts contain tyramine that also works to keep you wide awake. Sorry!

The most important change you can make, though, is to your sleep space. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation says people sleep better when they keep a clean bedroom with clean sheets, a comfortable mattress, and curtains to keep the light out.

How convenient! I can help with that!

It only makes sense that if your sleep space is a place designed for rest and relaxation you’ll find it easier to get healthy sleep.

One change I recommend is taking advantage of any window seat space you may have. This can be a super cozy place to relax, wrap up a phone call with a friend, or finish a great book. Using a great cushion and some decadent pillows, you’ve created a tucked away spot to prep your body for some healthy relaxation.

Another suggestion is an easy one to address. Window treatments that keep the light out, keep your intimate space a place to drift off easily. By implementing energy efficient shades, you’re also saving money – and who doesn’t sleep better knowing that?

Your room gets a great new look, keeps the room cooler, and helps you control the amount of light you do and don’t want.

Let’s talk more about how I can help make your bedroom a place to fuel your body and your soul.