7 Ways to Treat Your Guests Like Royalty

The holidays are fast approaching. Time to wrap the gifts, make the cocoa, and get your guest room ready to welcome all your loved ones. You want to make your guests feel welcome, comfortable, and right at home. So here are some tips to create a guest room so cozy your friends and family will never want to leave. (Don’t worry. They eventually will.)

Create a Slumber Sanctuary

Even though you’re not a 5-star luxury hotel providing a comfortable sleeping surface is important. If you don’t have enough beds to go around, quality air mattresses work great – and don’t forget a good pillow. Be prepared with clean, crisp, and coordinated linens. Have an extra set on hand for accidents – or that unique guest who wants to change the linens when they leave. And speaking of extras, be sure there are spare blankets in the room for those super chilly nights.

Provide Every Convenience

Stooping down to get clothes out of a suitcase isn’t the best way to start the day. So clear a space for a luggage rack, small table, or bench for you guests to set down their suitcase. Even a chair will work in this case. Your guests may also appreciate some closet space to hang clothes and a drawer to keep odds and ends out of sight.

Clear the Clutter

While you may see the guest room as a spare room and a place to stash the treadmill, your guests will feel more comfortable if you keep only the most useful items in the room. Things like a clock and a reading light that they can access from the bed are nice touches to keep your guests cozy. A comfy place to sit and relax will also give them a place to enjoy some quiet time.

Give the Room a View

The right window coverings can give the room character while attracting attention to a great view. However, don’t forget to provide privacy and light control with your window coverings!  If you need to keep it simple, a nice blind will work and you can add a beautiful valance or panels later. You know…for their next visit!

Set Aside Quality Time

Plan ahead so you can enjoy more time with your guests. Plan your meals, even if it’s ordering pizza. Jot down all the things you want to do, but don’t schedule every minute. You’ll want some down time to sit and visit, relax, or play cards.

Add a Finishing Touch

Fresh flowers, along with a “welcome gift” are a great surprise for arriving guests. The welcome gift can be as simple as a book, flyers from local attractions, or movie listings. For a more cozy welcome, you can offer your guests comforts of home like a robe and slippers, an iron and ironing board, a hairdryer, a computer, extra toiletries, and bath towels.

Enjoy the Visit

Above all, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your company!  It’s easy to get caught up in making sure everything is perfect and that the kitchen is clean. The most important thing, however, is creating memories with the people you love.