What Would You Do with a Window Seat of Your Own?

Window Seats in Raleigh NC

Can you feel that? The crisp, cold air chilling everything in sight?

If you’re like me, you love curling up with a great book in a favorite spot. This is a great time of year to create a new favorite spot – and a window seat is a great place to start.

Window seat and pillow Raleigh NC

A window seat can be a super cozy and amazingly fun focal point for your room. You can fill your space with a great cushion, decadent pillows, and some gorgeous blinds or curtains.

A window seat can do a number of things for any room:

  • Gives the room a great focal point
  • Creates a cozy nook for cuddling
  • Makes room for extra storage
  • Serves as an area to showcase your collectibles
  • Adds seating in a room that doesn’t have enough
  • Makes a conversation spot for phone calls
  • Calls to you when it’s time to finish that great book

Warm Raleigh Living Room

Take a look around your home. Really look around. We walk through our homes every day, but you might not really see the possibilities in your own space. Consider what you love and what might need to change. What can be moved or removed? Is a new window seat waiting to be made?

These are the conversations I have every day. When you know you’d like to make some changes, I’d love to have that conversation with you.
It’s amazing what one window seat can do for a room. Contact me to learn more.