4 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Window Treatments


You’ve looked at Pinterest and browsed the curtain aisle of your local home goods store. It seems so easy until it’s not. You’re overwhelmed by all the decisions and all the measurements. It’s ok. That’s why there are professionals to do your window treatments – professionals like me! Below is a list of reasons to turn to a professional to dress your naked windows.

1. In-Home Consultations

It’s hard to imagine what different fabrics might look like in your home while standing under the fluorescent lights of a big box store. When you hire a professional, they’ll visit you in your home and give you an opportunity to see the materials in your home. You can feel them, see them next to your furniture, and even ask questions.

2. Accurate Measurements

Never suffer the frustration of a curtain that’s two inches too short slightly too thin to reach the end of the window. With a professional, the curtains are tailored to your window’s exact measurements and made to fit perfectly.

3. Valuable and Genuine Advice

When you invite a professional on this design journey, you’re inviting their years of experience, confidence, and expertise. Now’s the time to ask questions – please ask questions! We are eager and excited to help you achieve the look that will make your home feel like your home. It’s very likely a professional will have insights you haven’t considered so don’t be afraid to ask and lean on them for genuine design guidance.

4. The Look You’ve Always Wanted

When you work with a professional, you’ll be heard. By communicating your vision for your home with a dedicated window treatment specialist, you can feel confident that your home will turn into exactly what you want. Custom options mean you can create the look you’re dreaming of – you just have to let a professional know!

What are you dreaming of for your home? Let’s talk about how to make that happen. Contact me today.