The Top 3 Reasons to Use Smart Windows

We all have smart things – smart phones, smart watches, smart speakers – so why not make your window treatments smart, as well? There are so many reasons to invest in these new gadgets, and below are my top three.


Who doesn’t love being able to tell their speaker to play their favorite song and have it play immediately? Now imagine that convenience with the blinds on your windows. Motorized blinds can be controlled by a button, a remote, or even an app on your phone. Some of them even allow you to set schedules so your window coverings can provide even more for your home than shade.

Energy Efficiency

One of the things smart windows can provide is a cut in your energy bill. Some of the smart windows even have a sensor to sync up with your thermostat. In this way, your shades can work more efficiently. By lowering the shades and keeping the hot sun out during the summer, you’re not putting your A/C into overdrive. And by letting that same sun in to warm your home during your winter, you’ve created a more energy efficient home.


Cutting the cord is the new big thing, and who knew it could also apply to window treatments!? One of the biggest advantages to having smart window treatments is that there is no cord attached. This eliminates the choking hazard surrounding children or pets. On top of that, though, smart window treatments can keep your entire home safe. By scheduling the blinds to move at certain times of the day, it always looks like someone is home. Now if you take that week-long vacation to the lake, your home won’t look vulnerable.

Smart window treatments are the future. Let’s talk about how we bring the future to your home!