Love Your Home Office

A friend of mine texted me the other day after she had been working from home for just a couple of days. She asked, how do you do it? Well, I’ve been working from home for 19 years now. I know that it takes time to get used to it, it takes discipline, routine, and most importantly a space that you love to work in.

Now that many more of us are working from home, we’re realizing that our space can use some re-design. It’s proven that good design makes us feel better. When we see something of beauty we get a shot of serotonin in our brain and we feel better. Alternatively, when we see something unattractive we get a shot of cortisol, a hormone that helps us cope with negative imagery.

You want a space that you love, a space where you’re comfortable, and a space that reflects who you are.

I went through this with my own workspace. My desk was on a different wall in my office. I didn’t like it because my back was to the door and I couldn’t see out the window. With a little rearranging my desk is now in a place where I can see if anyone is walking in and I can look out the window. I also have the right window treatments that prevent sun glare and it really reflects my style. I don’t dread my workspace anymore.

Now that you’ve decided to re-arrange/redesign your workspace there are a few things you should think about.

Home Office - Before
Home Office - After

Home Office Before & After. Organized by Space to Embrace

What’s your style? Modern, classic, farmhouse, traditional?

Is it appropriate for zoom meetings?

Would your co-workers be distracted by what they see?

Does the style work in an area that’s doing double duty, for example, a dining room table?

Window treatments:
There are many options when selecting the right window coverings. Blackout curtains can help with energy efficiency. The added bonus is that if you work at night, it will give you added privacy. Crisp sheers add a light and airy feeling to the room. The right valance opens up a room while still keeping with your style. Last but not least, remote control shades are perfect for the sun glare that gets in the way.

Custom pillows:
They come in handy to add that spark to a room. The right pillow can reflect current design trends or showcase your special hobbies. If you’re not used to working at home you’re probably not sitting in the best chair. A pillow or cushion makes the hardest chairs a little easier to sit in.

Making your home office a place that you love doesn’t end with window treatments or custom pillows. Make sure to include other items that make you smile. For me, it’s my paisley covered notebook and favorite pen. Move the lamp that you love but aren’t using near your desk. Add flowers and make sure that you have natural light.

It’s proven that good design makes us feel better. By creating a home office that you love, it lowers stress, yields health and wellness, and makes you more productive.

Give me a call today to start creating a space that you’ll always love.