Make Your Staycation More Permanent


From Vacation to Staycation

By now, many of us have had to cancel our vacations. We’ve missed out on our favorite cafes, restaurants, and hotel getaways in exchange for some lockdown staycations. There may be a way to bring that much-missed vacation oasis to your home.

During this pandemic, we’ve been spending a lot of time looking out our windows, but have you stopped to look at them? They may be the key to recreating the entire ambience of your room.

Add Luxury to Your Bedroom

It all starts with the right look to help you feel like you’ve flown away to your very own paradise. One way is to think about how to make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel. You can clear the clutter to make it as spotless as the moment of check-in. Plus, many hotel rooms offer a mindful space for relaxation. You can use your own accent chair to create the same effect. Add some custom throw pillows to make the space fit you and your personality.

Get that luxurious feel in your room with a set of dramatic draperies. And, of course, blackout shades are a popular amenity when vacations call for sleeping in. You can add those to your bedroom with a variety of accessories, like making them motorized so you can block out the sun without leaving your bed!

Add Peace to Your Kitchen

Whether you miss a café in Tuscany, Paris, or just around the corner, you can give your kitchen that same vibe. You can achieve the charm and appeal of your favorite coffee shops by adding some lightweight café curtains to your windows or above your sink.

Consider what you love about sitting in your favorite coffee shop. Is it the comfortable cushions on the seats or the armrest that lets you settle in with your cup of tea and a good book? Updating the chairs in your eat-in kitchen to be that comfortable could make a huge difference.

Add Intimacy to Your Dining Room

One of the most missed places in this crisis is our favorite restaurants. It may not be hard to recreate that environment in your own dining room. Do you long for the ambience of date night? Consider adding some sconces and candles. Nix the overhead light and use these new additions for a more intimate setting. If you’re looking for a grand and elegant restaurant setting, add drapery panels that

puddle on the floor. Or throw out the rule book and have some more fun with your drapes for a quirky restaurant feel. The right draperies add to the ambience and comfort of your room. Ask yourself what you want to feel in your room, and we can talk about how to do just that.

We’ve all started noticing the little things around the house that could be more beautiful. Why not start with a window refresh? Dressing up your window creates an inviting space – a space that you’re happy to spend time in when your home becomes your staycation paradise

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