The year is winding down, but I still have six favorite projects to share with you before my 20th anniversary year ends in December and becomes 21 years in business.

Project #15

One of the reasons I love this next favorite project is because it shows that window treatments aren’t just for windows. My client, Leslie, wanted to create a division between her living room and dining room.  She originally had something heavier and more dramatic in mind, but after looking at fabrics and talking through how she wanted that room division to feel, we decided on the beautiful, patterned, off-white sheers in the picture below. Her grandchildren love to use the drapes as theatre curtains. Oh, don’t worry, they KNOW their hands must be squeaky clean when they pull them open and closed. Leslie is just thrilled with the sheers and loves watching her grandchildren perform. 

Project # 16

In my next favorite project, I worked with Betsy, who moved from New Jersey to Raleigh, into her “forever” home. Betsy’s twin sister made the move at the same time and lives just down the street. The sisters are lovely and were such a pleasure to work with!

Betsy prefers a soft, warm color palette. Her home has an open floor plan, like many do these days, and she wanted to create a good flow between each of the spaces.

We went back and forth about how to dress those high, small dining room windows. Drapes or valances? As you can see, we decided on valances to match the kitchen, but without the beaded trim. In the kitchen, though, Betsy loves the sparkle the beaded trim adds to the windows when the morning sun shines in. 

As for the office, we decided to add a really fun touch by adding a fabric with more color than the other window treatments. 

 Betsy was so great to work with, and I think she had as much fun as I did because she’s had me back a few times to change out her pillows—mostly so we can work together again!

Project #17

My next favorite project, with my clients the Olanders, was an ongoing project, so I’m sharing just a few of the highlights. First, I have to point out the room divider in the playroom. Window treatments can be used not only for for dividing rooms like Leslie’s, but also for hiding/ camouflaging spaces. That circus-style print is the perfect playful fabric for a playroom, don’t you think?

Below is a “before” and “after” picture of the living room. The drapes we chose are made of silk and are hanging on a traverse rod. The window treatments really make the room look grand!  And look how nicely they frame that view. 

We installed cellular shades in the family room, for privacy. And the drapes add a warmth and softness to the room, completing the look. 

This beautiful nursery has pink sheers that can be closed to help filter out the sunlight in the daytime. And during nap time and overnight, the white drapes can also be closed to create a much darker room. For the hardware, we used double metal rods with French returns. 

Oh, I love the office! The woven wood shades can be closed to help with light control, and the draperies soften everything up. 

Whew, I just threw a lot of ideas your way! If you can picture one of these window treatments in your home, shoot me an email at and we’ll talk through your thoughts.

All my best,