Custom Creations Featured Project

In our latest featured project, we had the privilege of creating a truly luxurious office space for a client who had a clear vision in mind. Inspired by a picture, our client sought to bring opulence and grandeur into his workspace, but with a few necessary modifications to accommodate his unique window configuration. With a specific color scheme in mind—gold fabric—the challenge was set to create a design that exceeded expectations.

Adding to our challenges, we were in the middle of the pandemic, which posed an unexpected hurdle. Finding the perfect fabric proved to be more challenging than anticipated due to limited availability, but we were determined and we are resourceful. Eventually we found the perfect fabrics to bring the vision to life.

This project was definitely a team effort! From meticulous fabric searching and precise measurements to engineering solutions and scaling tall ladders, the project demanded the expertise and dedication of a trusted network of partners. From cutting wood, fabricating elements, and ensuring every detail was flawlessly executed. I could not have done it without my trusted partners. 

The results were nothing short of spectacular, and our client was thrilled with the results! The office now radiates a sense of elegance, with the golden fabric casting a warm glow and imbuing the space with an unmistakable air of luxury. I had people ask me if it was the Oval Office!