Safety Certified

Committed to Safety

As window treatment specialists, our top priority is the safety of your home, especially when young children and pets are present. Which is why we became safety certified and adhere to the ANSI/WCMA A 100.1-2012 safety standard, which ensures that all our window covering products are manufactured with cord safety in mind.

When helping you choose the best products for homes with young children, we only consider products that are identified in the Best for Kids certification program. This program, developed by WCMA (Window Covering Manufacturers Association), involves third-party certification and sets specific criteria for identifying window covering products that are most suitable for environments where young children are expected to be present.

What this means for you... 

You can be confident that our window treatments meet the stringent safety standards of the Best for Kids program. By choosing to work with us, you are making a conscious decision to prioritize the well-being and security of the children in your care.

At Ronica's Custom Creations, we continuously strive to offer a wide range of beautiful and safe products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Trust us to provide you with window treatments that not only enhance your home's aesthetics but also provide peace of mind knowing that the safety of your loved ones, especially young children, is our utmost concern.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How can you help with child safety in window coverings?

Our expertise lies in providing child-safe window treatment solutions. We understand the importance of creating a safe environment for children, and we can guide you in selecting appropriate window coverings that prioritize their safety.

What considerations do you take into account when recommending child-safe window treatments?

We consider several factors, such as the age of the children, their accessibility to the windows, and the specific requirements of your space. Our goal is to recommend window treatments that eliminate or minimize the risk of cord-related accidents and provide safe operation for children.

What types of child-safe window treatments do you offer?

We offer a range of child-safe window treatments, including cordless blinds and shades, motorized window coverings, wand-operated blinds, and shutters. These options prioritize child safety by eliminating or securing cords out of reach.

How do you know that the window treatments you recommend comply with safety regulations?

We stay updated on the latest safety regulations, such as the ANSI/WCMA A 100.1-2012 standard. We recommend window treatments that are manufactured in compliance with these standards and suggest products certified under programs like Best for Kids for added assurance.


What is the Best for Kids program?

The Best for Kids program is the industry's first third-party certification program designed to help consumers and retailers identify window covering products that are best suited for use in homes with young children. It ensures that these products meet stringent safety criteria through independent testing.

What products qualify for the program?

Products that have no cords or accessible inner cords according to ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018, or products with accessible inner cords that do not create a hazardous loop, are eligible for the certification program. Intertek determines if the products meet the program's criteria.

Can you provide examples of stylish window treatments that are also child-safe?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of aesthetics along with safety. We can show you various stylish options, such as roller shades, Roman shades, cellular shades, natural woven woods, drapery panels, and plantation shutters, which are both visually appealing and designed with child safety in mind.

Do you offer additional safety features or measures for child-friendly window treatments?

Yes, we can suggest additional safety features like cord cleats or cord tensioners to secure cords out of reach. We can also recommend cordless window treatments with built-in child safety features, ensuring a safer environment for your children.

Cord cleats and cord tensioners are “automatic” and required for cord safety.  

Which window treatments are safe and easy for children to operate?

We can recommend motorized window treatments, which allow for safe and easy operation with the touch of a button or through smart devices. This enables children to adjust the window coverings without any potential risks associated with cords.

Can you help us understand the potential risks associated with certain window coverings for children?

Certainly. We can educate you about the potential risks posed by corded window coverings, such as traditional blinds or looped corded shades. By raising awareness, we can guide you towards safer alternatives, minimizing potential hazards for children.

How do we get started with child safety in our window coverings?

Simply reach out to us, and we'll schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we'll discuss your specific needs and preferences, assess the space, and recommend child-safe window treatments tailored to your requirements.

How can we contact you for more information or to ask 

For more information or to ask specific questions, you can reach out to us at 919-819-7873 or [email protected]. We're here to assist you in creating a safe and stylish environment for your children through child-safe window treatments.