5 Reasons Not to Overlook the Window Treatments

Did you know that window treatments have been in use since 3000 BCE? 

Ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and early Chinese civilizations first used woven plant fibers and animal skins to block drafts, dissuade animal trespassers, and offer privacy in ancient dwellings and palaces. 

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Why look to the past for answers about present-day window treatments? 

Examining the history of window treatments can shed light on the many benefits of window treatments, both in modern day and historically. 

If you advance the timeline to the Middle Ages (5th-15th century), we start to see window treatments being used as signs of wealth, status, and nobility. Suffice it to say, they’d moved past animal skins and started using expensive fabrics and more intricate designs. 

Let’s explore the benefits of window treatments and why they matter for your home! 

Benefits of Window Treatments

In addition to being aesthetically-pleasing, window treatments offer several benefits and serve in both function and beauty. In this blog, we’ll consider window treatments as a source of insulation, privacy, light control, UV protection, energy efficiency, and of course, let’s not forget the warmth and character they bring into a space. 


Window treatments have the benefit of providing insulation. Especially during the chillier months, they can help drafts from coming through windows and doors. Depending on how substantial the lining is, they can also provide the additional benefit of keeping heat in.  

In North Carolina, we have hot summers and want to ensure our houses stay as cool as possible to beat the heat. Window treatments offer the benefit of just that! 

Energy Efficiency 

Along the lines of insulation, window treatments also provide the benefit of energy efficiency. The less heat and cold that escapes and comes in, the less energy is expended on temperature regulation. Of course that seems like a no-brainer, but they also can help by reducing the heat retained by dark-colored fabrics, reducing even further the need for more air conditioning. In some instances, they may also decrease the use of artificial lighting, helping energy efficiency even more. 

UV Protection 

There’s nothing worse than a piece of art, cherished piece of furniture, or rich wood flooring that fades over time due to sun exposure. Window treatments can offer UV protection, helping furniture and natural surfaces to maintain their beauty for years to come. 


Window treatments offer the huge benefit of privacy. Even if you’re in a more rural area, and don’t have “curious” neighbors seeing your life on display, it’s far more peaceful and reassuring to have the privacy of pulling down the shades, closing the drapes, and knowing that no one can see in. 

Character and Ambiance

We can’t speak to the many benefits of window treatments without pointing to the aesthetic benefit they bring to almost any room. They infuse a space with a sense of character, warmth, and personality. Window treatments can set the mood and ambiance, and put the finishing touch on a well-designed room. 

Window treatments bring the entire look of a space together and thankfully, unlike in the Middle Ages, they’re not limited to being only attainable for royalty. 

Ready to soak up all the benefits of custom window treatments? I guide you in selecting just the right window treatments for your space. Contact me for a consultation call so I can learn more about your project.

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