How drapery linings improve functionality, aesthetics, and more! 

A drapery without a lining is like a book without a cover. It lacks the finishing touch. Drapery linings are important for functionality, aesthetics, and overall elegance of a window treatment. 

They serve a variety of functions such as insulation, light control, adding durability to the window treatments, and helping draperies hang so much more luxuriously. 

In this blog, I’ll go over some of the considerations in choosing drapery linings that are right for you and help you better understand why they’re so important. 

What is a Drapery Lining? 

A drapery lining is an additional layer of fabric attached to the back of drapes. Lining fabric can vary in weight and material, providing different benefits, functionality, and appearance. 

I recommend not choosing a ready-made, cheap, cotton lining as what you save in spending, you’ll sacrifice in the final product. The linings I recommend are heavier, nicer and result in a drape that hangs just right while adding volume to the window treatments. 

Drapery Linings & Light Control 

Drapery linings can help with room darkening and light control. In bedrooms, room darkening linings make a great option for blocking out light, offering privacy, and improving sleep quality. 

Drapery Linings & Appearance 

Drapery linings help to improve the overall appearance of window treatments. They add volume to the drapes and look better when hanging. The right lining provides additional body, fullness, and elegance. For window treatments that have a valence (the fabric treatment on the top part of the window), linings can help the valence to lay right as well as prevent light distortion and dilution. Overall, drapery linings provide a clean, uniform appearance for window treatments. 

Drapery Lining Samples

Types of Drapery Linings

Drapery linings come in a variety of colors including ivory/cream, white, beige/tan, and gray and even black. Each color is chosen for a specific reason, depending on the space, window treatment selected, and decor. 

There are also a variety of materials to choose from when selecting the right drapery lining: 

  1. Cotton Sateen - for a smooth, soft finish, moderate light control, and body (this is my standard)
  2. Blackout - light-blocking and light control 
  3. Napped Sateen - a two-sided lining with sateen on one side and an interlining feel on the other.
  4. Interlining - an additional layer between the face fabric of the window treatment and the lining. Adds extra body, improves insulation, creates a luxurious look, and enhances the draping of the fabric (interlining is a standard for me. I use it unless the client simply doesn’t want it.)

Which type of drapery lining should you choose? 

There are lots of options out there and a lot of information to navigate when choosing the right drapery linings, and window treatments in general. When you work with me, drapery linings are standard and I help guide you through exactly which ones are best for your space. 

If you’re ready to get started and want a sophisticated, elegant choice for your window treatments, contact me for a discovery call so I can learn more about your project. 

The possibilities are endless!

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