Where to Start with Sliders, Triple Windows, and more! 

Large windows are a thing of beauty and bring brightness and character to a space. They have the potential to highlight the beauty of a home’s natural architecture, let the outdoors in, offer ample light, and even make a space appear larger. 

Dressing them on the other hand…
Can be complicated and challenging. 

This blog will walk you through some things to consider when dressing large windows. Whether you’re looking for window treatments for sliders, triple windows, or something else, you’ll have some ideas to get you started. 

4 Things to Consider When Dressing Large Windows

1. Size and Scale 

Large windows come in various sizes and scales and it’s not simply a matter of getting out your measuring tape and knowing the dimensions. While the width and height play a role in ensuring the window treatments will cover properly, you also need to look at the window in relation to the surrounding space. Large windows in a small room will require different window treatment styles than large windows in a spacious room. You want to ensure the window treatments complement, but don’t overwhelm the space visually. 

When taking into consideration size, you’ll also need to know whether you plan to mount the windows treatments inside the window frame or outside. Choosing an outer mount can create the illusion of an even larger window. The size of the window or slider is the biggest factor and will dictate the recommendations for the style and hardware that’s selected.  

Fabrics and materials are key with size and scale! Fabrics can provide a substantial look or a lighter, airy feel. Choosing the right fabrics depends on the room the large windows are in and how large they are.

The right window treatments will enhance the architecture and aesthetic of a space which is why when dressing large windows, looking at size and scale is key! 

2. Light Control and Privacy 

Just like asking the right questions related to size and scale, you’ll also want to evaluate your needs for light control and privacy. Here are just a few questions to ask yourself based on our unique large window or slider and your lifestyle: 

  • Does the window allow in any views from neighbors, adjunct buildings, street traffic, or public spaces? Bedrooms and bathrooms might warrant more privacy than living areas. How important is your privacy in this space? 
  • Is there ample natural light entering the room through the window? Some rooms will benefit from this and welcome in a bright and airy feel, while others might be best off with subdued light or reduction in glare. 
  • Do you prefer window treatments that allow for customized light and privacy throughout the day?

The answers to these questions will give you a lot of information on how to choose the right window treatments for your large window. 

Slider Window Treatment Drapes closed
Slider Window Treatment Drapes open

3. Lifestyle, Maintenance, and Durability  

The right window treatments for any window (and especially when dressing large windows) are the window treatments that reflect YOU. There are two major lifestyle factors to consider when dressing large windows. 

How much time do you have to clean and maintain the window treatments? How durable do they need to be for your lifestyle? If you have a busy lifestyle with limited time for cleaning, lots of hustle and bustle and coming and going, you might opt for low-maintenance and more durable window treatments that are easier to clean and maintain. A less-frequently trafficked space, or an elegant and sophisticated space, might lend itself to something more delicate. 

What do you need for functionality? When looking at your daily routine and lifestyle activities, consider how the window treatments play a role. Do you let your pets out the porch slider several times a day? Perhaps you need window treatments that aren’t always getting caught on something or in the way of something. Do you prefer window treatments in your bedroom that are motorized and can be opened and closed before even getting out of bed in the morning? Choose window treatments that offer convenient operation and accessibility, especially for frequently used areas. 

4. Design and Style 

This is where I come in with my expertise! There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right window treatments for your space. When dressing large windows, there’s even more involved! 

From linings to hardware to trims, I guide you to choose the window treatments for your large windows that are just right for your space. 

Instead of having to take into consideration all the factors above, visit multiple stores, poll all your friends on social media, and compare swatches, I simplify the entire process by bringing everything you need to make the decisions that matter most right to your door. 

You’ll be able to immediately visualize options, see how they’ll complement your home and lifestyle, and save yourself a lot of time and headache! 

Breathe a deep sigh of relief, and trust the details with me, when we’re done working together your large window’s beauty and the comfort it provides will be even further amplified.

Contact me for a Discovery Call and let’s plan your project! 

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