Cord-free blinds and considerations for whole home safety 

Whether you’re focusing on the nursery or other rooms in the house, when it comes to your child’s safety, there’s no compromising. While of course you want it to look beautiful and cozy, it’s important to take into consideration all the ways little hands and small mistakes can lead to big consequences. 

In this blog, I’ll share with you a few tips on choosing window treatments that are safe for your child and for your home.

Safe window treatments for the nursery are getting a lot of press…

Corded window treatments pose a serious threat for strangulation in young children. Accessible cords can quickly escalate and become a cause for strangulation and death. CPSC Chairman Alex Hoehn-Saric says that, “Cordless window blinds, shades, draperies, and other window coverings are the safest option.” (USCPSC, 2022)

On average, about nine children under the age of five die each year from strangling due to window treatments with cords. It can happen quickly, quietly, and with just a small length of exposed cord. 

There are two schools of thought resulting in a heated debate over the cord-free standards for window treatment manufacturers. One argument is that children’s safety should be placed as the utmost priority and window treatment manufacturing should be regulated as such. This would mean that all window treatments would be cord-free for safe operation, no matter the application or setting. 

A contrasting argument pushes back with the belief that this regulation on manufacturers would negatively impact those who can’t afford higher-cost, cord-free options. There are also concerns for those with accessibility issues, ie. physical issues that might make cord-free options a challenge. 

In Canada, they’re ahead of the game. Corded window coverings were banned in May 2021. 

No matter your stance on the regulation, homeowners and designers who specialize in window treatments as I do, should take into consideration all family member’s safety and needs in choosing window treatments for nurseries and other rooms. 

Alternatives to Corded Window Treatments

1. Motorized Shades

Automation with motorized shades is a safe alternative to corded window treatments. They can be set on timers to automatically raise and lower at certain times of day or remotely controlled. Some even use light sensors to control when the shades open and close.

2. Continuous Cord Shades

With continuous cord shades, the cord is securely attached to the wall with a tensioner. The continuous loop is typically out of reach of children and prevents the risk of strangulation. 

3. Roman or Cellular Shades 

These styles of shades are a great alternative to corded window treatments. They not only look nice with a modern feel, they also bring in a bit of warmth and coziness to a space. With so many options, there are typically budget-friendly options that work no matter your style or the space you’re working with. 

Other factors to consider for window treatment and safety in the nursery and beyond:

  • Look for the “certified best for kids” logo (you can find it on my website) when purchasing window coverings for your child’s nursery or bedroom 
  • Eliminate any dangling cords and make pull cords as short as possible
  • Keep all window covering cords out of reach of children 
  • Ensure cord stops are installed properly so they don’t come loose 
  • Move all cribs, beds, furniture, and toys away from windows and window coverings 
  • Make sure locks are in place and secure on the windows and screens 
  • Choose blackout drapes or shades to help you create darkness in the nursery or bedroom for daytime napping 
  • Opt for clean, natural fibers in window treatments for your child’s overall wellbeing 

It’s important to make sure you’re effectively prioritizing your child’s safety when choosing window treatments for the nursery and other rooms in the home. I can help you assess and choose based on your specific needs. I work with you to determine the right window treatments for your specific situation to ensure both safety and aesthetics for your family. 

The right window treatments will have your whole family feeling energized and safe in your home. 

Contact me for a consultation and let’s plan your project! 


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