Woven woods (natural woven shades) are shades made of materials such as bamboo, straw, natural grasses and other eco-friendly materials. They’re the perfect way to bring a STYLISH touch of nature to your decor. The opacity of the shades depends upon the style of the weave–a thinner grass will let in more light than a thicker bamboo, for example. And you can even add charming details like edge banding, lining and room darkening lining to the shades. The most popular operating option is cordless.

In the picture below, my client only wanted to filter the light with her shades in this window seat. The added customized edge banding gives the shades a classy look.

Here are more great reasons to choose woven woods for your windows:

Durability: Woven wood shades are constructed with NATURAL MATERIALS that will last years. They do a great job withstanding the elements in their natural environment outside, so when they’re installed inside, protected from the harsh elements, they can last a LIFETIME! They’re also eco-friendly. Whenever you can choose sustainable materials for your home, you’re helping our environment.

Unique Aesthetics: The natural look of woven woods, with such interesting textures and colors, can add WARMTH to your space, or that SPECIAL ELEMENT THAT DRAWS THE EYE.

In the “before” and “after” photos below, my client only wanted the woven woods to act as valances because they didn’t plan to ever lower them all the way to the sill. They really do add a nice finishing touch with their beautiful texture and color. Materials created by Mother Nature are always in style, right?

Light Control: There are so many different levels of light control available with these shades, based on the weave you choose, and those filters create UNIQUE SHADOWS as well. With blackout lining, you also have the option to darken the room.

Extremely Versatile: Since woven woods are made from so many different types of materials, there’s a HUGE selection available, including: Woods, Bamboo, Grasses, Reeds, Bark and Jute.

These kitchen shades are great for letting in the light and they even blend in with the railing on the porch. Woven woods are great option for French doors like the ones in the middle picture, and vertical windows too!

With so many different styles of woven wood shades available, it can be a little daunting to figure out what would work best in your space. Give me a call and I’ll bring some samples out to your home and answer all your questions.

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