4 Ways to Have Fun with Corner Windows

Corner windows can be a challenge to treat – but I like a challenge. This dilemma presents certain opportunities for showcasing some creative window treatments. Let’s talk about a few options.

Cornice boards are a very versatile choice for corner windows. Coordinate the fabric and trim with your room and get creative with the shape. A nice tassel or double cascade can camouflage the bend of the board.

Custom Cornice Board

For a finished, tailored look, try a box-pleated valance with drapery panels. Fabric valances are soft and flexible – making them ideal top treatments for corner windows. A stationary drapery panel between two windows with one on each side provide a more open appearance by hiding the wall space under the unifying windows.

Board-mounted swags and cascades give corner windows a very formal look. To achieve this, hang one swag on each window, cascades on the outside, and a double cascade in the bend.

If you’re feeling glamorous, panels on both windows might be the way to go. Tie them together in the corner with a tassel, or, to add drama, leave the panels extra long and puddle them on the floor. Give it a touch of individuality by adding fringe or beads on the outside hems or use an unexpected finial on your curtain rods.

Once your windows are dressed, you can add even more to the area. Corners are a great spot for reading chairs or small tables. Plants also find a great home in those unused corners, and a small up-light behind the plant can make for very interesting shadows.

Don’t let one challenging corner window spoil your whole decorating mood. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it harmonizes with the look of your room. Get creative. Get practical. Most of all, though, have fun!

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