Counting down 20 years of hits!

I’ve worked on a lot of incredible projects during my 20 years in business and I’m counting them down. It’s been fun going through pictures and remembering the great clients I’ve met throughout the years—many of them returning clients, which is especially satisfying. You can find my first two favorite projects in my January newsletter, in case you missed them.

Favorite Project #3

Have you been to Rose Hill Estate in Nashville, North Carolina? It’s a beautiful wedding venue that also has accommodations for wedding party guests. Two of my all-time favorite projects are the bridal suite and the bridesmaids’ room at Rose Hill. Consulting with the manager and wedding coordinator, I created elegant window coverings that are the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

Favorite Project #4

I worked with Williams and Strauss, which is now The Design Haus, on a beautiful home that was undergoing a major renovation. It had a room called the “keeping room,” which was popular in colonial times. Keeping rooms were secondary living rooms connected to the kitchen and one of the few warm areas to gather because it received the residual heat coming out of the kitchen.

The cozy window seat with coordinating cushion and cornice board was the perfect way to make the keeping room even more welcoming, and the window on the other side of the room has matching cornice boards to tie everything together. Pattern placement is key when it comes to creating cornice boards—each motif needs to be centered and spaced perfectly.

The two-story drapes in the living room were a metallic velvet fabric and hung on rods with a beautiful gold finish. The coordinating roman shades I made blocked out the harsh afternoon sun. And the pink velvet pillows really complimented the elegant room with a nice pop of color.

Sometimes picking out hardware is as much fun as fabric—especially in this case. We chose beautiful crystal finials that reminded me of jewels to create a more formal look on these arched dining room windows.

Many more projects to come as I continue to count down the hits.

Hoping spring comes soon!


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