Everyday Guest Rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra bedroom, it doesn’t have to be a dedicated guest room that just sits empty most days, waiting for those rare times friends or family spend the night. Consider reclaiming that space and transforming it into a room you can enjoy up until the day your guests arrive.

Home office guest room

An easy way to maximize that spare room is to create a home office by simply adding a desk. Not a large desk that dominates the room, but something smaller that blends with the furniture already in the room.

Removing a nightstand might give you the extra space you need for a desk, or maybe that desk can serve as your nightstand too.

There are so many unique workspace options available—from long, rectangular desks to triangle or L-shaped styles that tuck nicely into a corner. Mounting a floating desk to the wall can really maximize your space.

The guest room is the perfect place for a standing desk that can hold a lamp or a beautiful flower arrangement when you have visitors.

How about a vanity desk combo where your guests can apply their make-up, but the mirror folds down so you can be ready for your Zoom conference call in no time.

There are beautiful glass-topped desks and fold-out secretary desks with cubby holes you can use to hide away your office supplies. All of these options are reasonably priced too!


Guest family room

A family room, media room or a play room can also double as a guest room as long as you have a place where your guests can sleep.

One of the best sleeping options in a room where families play is a modular sectional with cubes that you can rearrange as needed. Modular furniture comes in a wide variety of styles and fabrics.

You’ll also need plenty of storage space to hold the video game consoles and toys when your guests arrive. Shelves with baskets or colorful plastic containers will make tidying up easy for the kiddos every day, not just when guests are scheduled.

Comfort is key

Creating an awesome, stylish, double-duty space is fun and satisfying, but don’t forget to make sure your guests will be comfortable there.

Before they arrive, try out the room, even for a short nap, to ensure the bed is comfortable and the room isn’t too hot or cold.

Are your window treatments providing privacy and light control? Good pillows and clean, crisp, coordinated linens are a must.

Add some door hooks to the back of the door for their damp towels or coats. Fresh flowers, if you’re sure they’re not allergic, are always a nice touch.

These are just a few ways to really maximize your extra space and guarantee your guests have a relaxing visit. You’ll find many more tips in my November newsletter.

I have some great bedding and drapery ideas as well, so drop me a line at [email protected]. I’d love to help you make your guest room as comfortable and inviting as possible.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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