Feng Shui Interior Design Tips for Windows

My husband and I recently went to the Chinese Lantern Festival where in addition to witnessing a beautiful ceremony and light displays, I learned I was the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac. The most honored and respected of all the signs, dragons hold high aspirations for themselves. They’re also extremely adaptable and seek deep understanding. In everything that they do, they tend to do it to the best of their ability with high standards. They’re charismatic, confident, and naturally lucky. 

I’m going to keep you guessing though as to which year of the Dragon I was born in though.

2024 Year of the Dragon

What does the Chinese Zodiac have to do with Feng Shui & Window Treatments? 

Feng Shui is another ancient Chinese practice focused on creating harmony between individuals and their environment. Like the Chinese zodiac signs, Feng Shui brings in specific elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and animals (rat, tiger, ox, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig) and looks at how each of the energies and characteristics influence you. 

Certain Feng Shui elements are believed to either complement or clash with Chinese zodiac signs and often those skilled in the art of designing with Feng Shui will consider someone’s Chinese zodiac sign in planning their surroundings. They might suggest colors, materials, or elements that will be beneficial to someone, based on their sign’s attributes. 

Feng Shui and the Chinese zodiac have always fascinated me as I also believe that we’re interconnected with our environment (ie. the home) and that it plays a huge role in how you feel in your space, as well as what comes into your life. 

Taking into consideration the Feng Shui of a space can result in: 

  • Improved physical energy flow (Qi) and overall well being
  • Enhanced harmony and balance in a space
  • Increased productivity and focus
  • Making space for abundance and newness throughout your life 

Window treatments are just one of the many things to consider when designing your space using the principles of Feng Shui. When I work with you in your home to design custom window treatments, I look at the big picture of how you use the space, what you want to feel, and the needs and requirements of your unique lifestyle. 

Applying the principles of Feng Shui, this involves looking at furniture placement and seeing how it influences the space. 

The Bagua Map (pictured below) is commonly referred to in the art and practice of Feng Shui. The Bagua guides us to see which areas of a space relate to the bigger picture and your life as a whole.

The Bagua Map often referred to in the art of Feng Shui

Tips for Using Feng Shui in Window Treatments: 

Windows are the eyes to the soul of the home and window treatments affect energy flow and ambiance within a room. They offer privacy, time, and space away from the outside world, as well as opening up to invite in opportunity, possibility, and welcome in light and energy. 

What you put on your windows has an impact on the energy you invite into your home, and avoid bringing into your home. 

Here are three Feng Shui tips for Window Treatments that you can get started with and apply in your space right away: 

1. Ensure you have clean, functional windows. 

Before you start thinking about covering the windows, you’ll want to be sure that they are in working order, unbroken, and clean. Dirty windows don’t offer opportunities for positive fresh energy to come through. Similarly, you want window treatments and windows that are easy to operate and open as needed and don’t cause you to struggle. 

2. Allow for Qi to flow 

Think of windows as a source of natural light which encourages Qi (or chi) to flow in and out of the home. In some places, you’ll want to allow for this as much as possible and may opt for brighter, lighterweight draperies vs. dark, heavy fabrics. In other areas, for example if the front door is directly opposite a window, you may want to consider a shade to prevent Qi from flowing in and then just flowing right out again! You may also want to consider keeping draperies and shades closed at night, as windows exposed during the dark hours are believed to invite bad luck into the home. 

3. Choose materials and colors that help you create more of what you want in your life. 

Looking at the Bagua map, you might notice that each color relates to an area of life: health, wealth, knowledge, fame, etc. When applying Feng Shui to your window treatments, you can consider the colors that help you to create more of what you want to experience throughout your life and in the individual space. 

You can also incorporate elements of the Bagua chart such as wood, metal, fire, earth, and water to influence your environment. 

Though it intrigues me, I’m not a Feng Shui expert. However, when designing your custom window treatments, I take a look at the full picture/room in designing for you and bring in my expert eye for designs, overall flow, function, and feel in your space.  

The right window treatments will have you feeling energized as you spend time in your home! 

Contact Me for a consultation and let’s plan your project! 

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